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  • High-tech solution in picturesque settings

    Hotel Bulwar**** of Torun is situated on the picturesque embankment of the Vistula river, opening the famous panorama of Torun, which is inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

    Friendly climate and unique atmosphere of the hotel had been reached through a range of innovative solutions in the area of heating and ventilation. Individual steering makes it possible to create comfort in every room, according to guests' expectations and requirements.

    Bulwar hotel has been equipped with modern systems for central heating and air conditioning based on renewable energy sources. For generation of heat, five Danfoss DHP-R heat pumps in cascade configuration are used, each with capacity of 42 kW. The energy necessary for operation of the systems is extracted from eighteen boreholes sunk to a depth of 182 metres and situated around the building, also under access roads and driveways. The geothermal wells are operated as an energy buffer: in summer they accumulate the heat recovered from the building, and in winter they provide energy necessary for operation of internal heating systems.


  • Fact box

    Property: Hotel Bulwar

    Location: Toruń, Poland

    Energy source: ground source heat pumps, solar panels, gas boiler (auxiliary heater) 

    Functions: Heating, Hot Water and Cooling (Passive and Active)

    Control: Building Management System

    Danfoss units: DHP-R 42 kW x 5 and KBH water heaters x 2


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