One family house

  • The Jensen family have cut their heating bills in half

    "It was an easy decision to choose a Danfoss heat pump. Our heating engineer promised us it would deliver the best performance on the market – and it certainly has proved its worth so far! We are now saving half on our yearly heating expenses and we are quite amazed about how easy the installation was and how silent the pump runs."

    Ingrid Jensen

  • Energy saving heating without hassle

    When Ingrid and Poul Erik have decided to exchange their old gas boiler, high heating expenses as well as their wish to become independent of natural gas, all that made them look towards renewable energy sources. A heating engineer recommended them an air source heat pump from Danfoss which proved to be an ideal heating solution for the family.


  • Recommend the heat pump to neighbours and friends

    The neighbours of the Tofterup couple followed the installation process with great interest. Now, when they hear how much Ingrid and Poul Erik are saving on heating, they find it difficult to believe.

    ”We recommend a Danfoss heat pump to all our family and friends, and if they are sceptical, we just show them our subsidiary meter (a separate electricity meter for the pump), which indicates what we are going to save during the year, which is currently 50%. And then they want one like this, too”, concludes Ingrid with a smile.


  • Danfoss ground source heat pump in practice - family Iversen from Denmark

  • Heating system which is 3 times cheaper than oil (DHP-AQ air source heat pump)

  • Our dream home, powered by a Danfoss heat pump

  • Bech-Hansen family from Denmark - Danfoss ground source heat pump in practice

  • The eco-friendly house - heat pump technology for heating, cooling and hot water

  • A contemporary, comfortable and cost effective heating system with Danfoss heat pump

  • Chołys family from Poland - Danfoss air/water heat pump

  • Comfortable heating (heat pump), cooling and heat recovery in a modern detached house

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