Low energy houses

  • Healthy indoor climate, wrapped in an energy efficient solution

    The indoor climate solution consists of a geothermal heating unit, in-floor heating and a ventilation system all from one supplier.

    In Skibet, near the city of Vejle, Denmark, environmentally-friendly geothermal heating, fast-reacting in-floor heating and energy efficient ventilation from Danfoss are providing a healthy indoor climate and maximum comfort in a modern, low-energy home.

  • Maximum comfort with in-floor heating in all rooms

    The geothermal heating unit’s heat pump produces environmentally friendly heat, which is distributed to all corners of the house via Danfoss’ fast-reacting SpeedUp in-floor heating system. The system lies just below the floor surface, and the heat is therefore not forced up through a thick layer of concrete before reaching the floor surface.

    “In-floor heating provides comfortable heat that is quick and easy to adjust individually for each room. We simply set the system to the desired temperature, and a thermostat in each room automatically adjusts the temperature. The system also reacts quickly to changes in temperature so we avoid excess temperatures when the sun hits the large, south-facing windows, which means that we don’t use unnecessary energy for heating, but take optimal advantage of the free heat from the sun,” says Maria Styrbæk, who lives in the house with her husband and two small children. 


  • Easy to operate

    The complete Danfoss indoor climate solution for the family in Skibet takes care of itself and requires a minimum of maintenance. 

    An easy-to-use control unit ensures maximum efficiency in every day life.


  • How does a heat pump work?

    Heat pumps produce more energy than they actually consume by using the conventional refrigeration cycle. They absorb heat from the environment and raise it to a suitable level of heating.

  • Other Danfoss products for low energy houses

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