Commercial ground source heat pumps

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  • High annual efficiency

    The refrigerant circuit within the DHP-R Eco uses dedicated scroll compressor, environmentally friendly refrigerant (R410A), high performance heat exchanger known as a MPHE (Micro Plate Heat Exchanger), an electronic expansion valve and Class A circulation pumps. State of the art components, a build design and a control to ensure that the DHP-R Eco delivers a high and top of class seasonal performance.

    Performance intelligently controlled

    DHP-R Eco has an advanced control system that keeps a check on all the functions, providing you with an assuring overview. It is possible to control up to nine separate heating systems in the building via a 0-10V signal. This could, for example, be radiators, underfloor heating, fan coil units and the heating of ventilation. With DHP-R Eco you can cool certain parts of the building at the same time as other parts are heated. Heating and cooling are produced simultaneously, which can be utilised in several energy saving ways. For example, the cooling effect that occurs when apartments are heated can be put to use to cool a store or warehouse in the same building.

    Hot water comfort - like no other!

    Superb hot water production with the added benefit of an anti-legionella function. Built-in de-superheater for increased hot water temperature.

    Integrated web server

    With Danfoss DHP-R Eco you get an integrated web server that enables you to control and monitor the heat pump in real time anywhere in the world. It gives you control over all the settings, such as alarm management, operational data and prevailing temperatures. All these functions facilitate operational optimisation, which could be of great help when you require support or service. If an error occurs, you or your installation engineer will receive a text or email alert. Online control and monitoring optimizes energy efficiency for property owners with buildings in different places.

    Building Management Systems

    DHP-R Eco can communicate with other control systems. It can be con¬trolled and monitored via a management system that gathers all the information on, for example, alarms, lifts, ventilation, etc., in the same building. Communication with Building Management Systems via the Modbus protocol.

  • Scania workshop powered by Danfoss heat pumps

    Scania repair and maintenance workshop – Improving customer comfort, protecting the environment and lowering costs all at the same time.

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