New apartments benefit from renewable geothermal energy

055_700_350 Staf Gebruers decided use geothermal energy from Danfoss where annual efficiency SPF* is 4,9 what gives 80 % energy savings and saved over 25 t CO2 emissions per year.

- Wednesday, 13 July 2016 By Danfoss Heating

Staf Gebruers was a geothermal energy pioneer in Belgium. In 1982, he decided to heat a pig farm from renewable energy. It was one of the first and very innovative systems to use a geothermal heat pump which was ran using a water well. This was a first for Belgium, however the Pioneering spirit always takes a risk.

Now, 30 years later the heat pump in hishouse is still functional. ‘Ever since I got my first heat pump, I compared the energy prices and a heat pump has been the most economical way to heat up your home or business. But this is not the most important reason I installed a geothermal heat pump. I wanted the building to be energy neutral on a yearly basis, so I fitted enough solar panels on the roof to be completely independent. ‘ – says Staf Gebruers

The 11 apartments have different usable areas but all of them will be heated by floor heating where heat is delivered by a Danfoss DHP-M M, a newly designed inverter driven ground source heat pump with a variable heating capacity of 11 to 44 kW.

'With the new building regulations, renewable energy must be part of the total energy consumption. By installing a heat pump in combination with solar panels, your E-peil*** score can drop below 30 and you are exempt from paying the cadastral tax for 5 years. This means an additional saving of many thousands of euros in this case.'– says Luc Van de Velde from Ecoterm bvba, an engineer with more than 20 years of experience in heating system installations.




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