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  • How does a heat pump works?

  • AQUA S.A. water supply and sewerage company heated by Danfoss heat pumps

  • The Osinkowo nursery powered by a DHP-AQ Danfoss air source heat pumps

  • The eco-friendly house - heat pump technology for heating, cooling and hot water

  • Heating system which is 3 times cheaper than oil (DHP-AQ air source heat pump)

  • School in Siberia powered by a Danfoss heat pump

  • Comfortable heating (heat pump), cooling and heat recovery in a modern detached house

  • The DHP-AQ air source heat pump

  • BP petrol station heated by Danfoss air source heat pump

  • A contemporary, comfortable and cost effective heating system with Danfoss heat pump

  • Bech-Hansen family from Denmark - Danfoss ground source heat pump in practice

  • Apartments heated by DHP-A air source heat pumps, Zgierz, Poland

  • Chołys family from Poland - Danfoss air/water heat pump

  • Heating and hot water production - TWS technique

  • The Sulisław Palace hotel is heated via ground source heat pumps

  • Heat pumps at the Sulisław Palace Hotel

  • Danfoss commercial heat pump at Setermoen terrace (Norway)

  • Danfoss DHP-AQ 16 air source heat pump installed in Roganstown, Ireland

  • Danfoss ground source heat pump in practice - family Iversen from Denmark

  • Our dream home, powered by a Danfoss heat pump

  • Why Danfoss heat pumps?

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